Gino Brown Patina
Gino Brown Patina
Gino Brown Patina

Gino Brown Patina

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Size chart



We recommend taking measurements at the end of the day.
-Place a sheet of paper on a hard surface.
-Make sure to support all your weight on the floor and that your calves are straight.


-Draw the silhouette of your foot, with the help of a pencil, ballpoint pen or a marker.

The key is to keep the pencil, pen or marker vertical, try not to tilt it as you draw your foot.


to. Mark a line taking the maximum points in a vertical and with the help of a ruler take that measurement.

Contrast that measurement with the conversion table.


*This is an approximate conversion, some sizes may vary, in case it does not match exactly, choose the immediate superior measurement.

  • Handmade with Italian techniques
  • Manually painted leather in Patina technique
  • Sports sole
  • Memory foam insoles

Availability in 15 business days

- We will send your order in a maximum of 4 days after your purchase. DHL, our ally for international shipments, will take care of taking your Argento & Bourbon to your home!

-Doubts? Don't worry , you can change or return them at no cost, as long as the products have not been used and are in the same condition that you received them.

- You should consider that import taxes are not included in what you pay and according to the regulations of your country you may have to pay some additional value. ( In the United States of America it only applies to products with prices of $800 or more )

- Once you receive your order you will have 15 days to request a refund of your money at no cost, you just have to send us the products back and upon receiving them and verifying their status we will refund you!

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the silver way

Once we receive your order we start its production and we send it to you in 4 days!

We have developed an efficient on-demand production system that is more responsible to you and the planet. You receive the product you want without intermediaries, you pay the correct price for them and you minimize the impact on the planet (did you know that the retail industry is one of the biggest polluters globally?) We prefer to produce on demand because the traditional scheme generates excesses in production, transportation and storage. All these extra costs are deferred only in the units sold and for this reason they are always paid by the final consumer.

Hand made

Our artisans are trained by Italian senior masters, they transfer to us the knowledge that they have developed for generations. We mix the best traditional techniques with the latest technology to make not only the best shoes, but also the most comfortable!

Manual selection of leather

Each sheet of leather of Italian or Argentine origin is selected by our specialized master, thus guaranteeing a unique look and superior quality. The right leather makes the shoe look great from day one and actually takes character over time, making it a unique piece that will always look great.

Shoes aren't just made of leather.

We take the selection of each material seriously. In addition to leather, it is important to select the correct thread to assemble the pieces, the foams for a maximum comfort insole, the interlining materials that will give consistency and improve old age. A shoe is only as good as its weakest piece, which is why all of our pieces are exceptional.

The interior is also spectacular

Our shoes are lined in magenta Vachetta leather, A&B's flagship color. This leather is characterized by its softness, resistance and for allowing the feet to be at the correct temperature due to its high breathing capacity. This leather is vegetable dyed, so it does not use toxic substances that could harm the planet and reduces the risk of fungus or foot allergies.

Non-slip soles that you can use throughout the year

All our soles are non-slip on the outside, even those made of leather. This makes the sole last longer, it also increases cushioning and allows you to use it in winter or rainy seasons, walk with peace of mind, your shoes are always ready!

Our last is the perfect combination between style and comfort

After manufacturing thousands of shoes we have adapted our lasts to look with a unique European style and at the same time be comfortable due to the internal volume they provide.

Smart memory foam insoles

All our insoles are pioneers in technology, they adapt and take the shape of your foot, each time you use them they recover and this protects the health of your feet, knees and back by facilitating the correct balance for the distribution of your weight. With our insoles you feel good and your body is good!

There is much more than what you see

We are obsessed with making the best shoes, the sexiest! This means that we focus on every detail, every seam, the types of glues, the sense of cut and elastic capacity of the skins. There are many things that cannot be seen at first glance, but we do it with dedication to make the best products!